Some Advance JavaScript topics which every developer should know to become JavaScript expert

Some Advance JavaScript topics which every developer should know to become JavaScript expert
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I am writing this blog post to share some Advance JavaScript topics. It’s been 5 years I am working in JavaScript and developing the modern web application in JavaScript. I decided to share some advanced kinds of stuff with my blog readers. These topics are of the intermediate level and expert level. If you have the basic understanding of JavaScript and you want to expand your knowledge then this post is for you.

Advance JavaScript topics are below:-

  1. Create custom callback in JavaScript.
  2. Prototypes in JavaScript and what is the need for prototypes. Inheritance using prototypes.
  3. Scopes in JavaScript
  4. Call, apply and bind methods in JavaScript.
  5. Spread Operator
  6. Event loop
  7. Closures in JavaScript
  8. Currying in JavaScript

I hope you will go through each topic and become a JavaScript expert. As you know JavaScript is most popular language in web development. Almost, 99% site uses JavaScript. If we will write everything from scratch then it will take more time. so, to save time development time. Developers have introduced many open source JavaScript libraries and framework which you should learn, after these topics. jQuery is one top wanted libraries among developers. It consists of some useful functions which we need while developing the website. It helps the developer in writing clean and short code which help in easily maintaining the code. There are various other plugins which are made in jQuery like flexslider, chart.js, x-editable etc. You can see our x-editable article here. These libraries are helping in doing complex things easily. If you want to contribute to jQuery then you can write your own library.
Till last year, jQuery was providing most number of jobs. Now, React has taken that place. First time, some another library has become most popular.

List of popular JavaScript Frameworks

1. React

React is most popular front-end framework this year. It is providing more no of jobs in the market. Its free and open source. Read more about react here.

2. Vue

Vue js is second popular frontend framework after react. It is launched in Feb 2014 and got much popularity in 4 years only. Read more about Vue here.

3. Angular

AngularJs was released in October 2010. But then they brought the drastic change in September 2016 and named it angular. It uses TypeScript which makes it more robust. It checks the type at the time of compilation. Read more about angular here.

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